Since the mid 2000s, honey bees have been mysteriously disappearing all throughout the world, leaving the future of much of the world’s food supply in question. The decline of bees could have an enormous impact on the environment, which is dependent on the insects for pollination. If there is no pollinating insect life, fruits, vegetables, and field crops would be obsolete and there would be extreme economical hardships for the farm and food industry.  We can do our part by planting a bee friendly garden or even start a honey hive bee as they are  responsible for pollinating more than 100 crops, from apples to zucchini, have been dying by the tens of millions.  For example, California harvests more than 80% of the world’s almonds. But you can’t grow the nut without honey bees and it takes 60% of the US’s remaining colonies just to pollinate that one $4 billion cash crop. If this carries on, there will be no more bees to pollinate our crops and we will face a global crisi

s. without_bees_they'd_all_be_off_the_menu


4 thoughts on “bees!

  1. It’s really scary to think about what will happen if we stop hurting the bees when it’s already too late to go back. I guess all we can do is hope, and try to fend for ourselves…. unless thing’s turn out better!

  2. You know people can pollinate things. you just have to use a toothbrush and q-tip. Probably not a replacement for bees but it’s not like the compleat end of the world. I’m sure someone will invent a pollinating machine that just drives through the fields of plants.

  3. I never knew bees were that important! Before I saw them as annoying buzzing insects that hurt me. Now I see that they play a huge role in our ecosystem.

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