Delisting Grey Wolves from the Endangered Species List




This event took place in June of last year. When I first viewed this video I was absolutely appalled. I understand that some species tend to spike in population and can be seen as pests to specific people. What I don’t understand is why people believe killing them off solves the problem. Killing an animal just because its hungry isn’t right. They are only doing what they know to survive, and that is to hunt and provide for their families. Wolves were here way before we even entered the scene. They were elite hunters who struggled to survive in an ever changing world. Did you know that grey wolves only managed to exist because of the extinction of the Dire Wolves? The Dire wolves were twice the size of Grey wolves and even more dangerous. They hunted big as well as little game, and eventually started to starve out the Grey wolves. However, due to tar pits and disease the Dire wolves became trapped or sick  and eventually died. They were lured into these pits by the large game that had trapped themselves in the tar. They believed that it was an easy meal and tried to attack the already dying game. Sadly the Dire wolves also became stuck in this tar  and the sick ones eventually died out. Due to this the Grey wolves were able to hunt the smaller game and avoid death by tar. They managed to survive even today, but humans have nearly caused their extinction once again. Man was responsible for nearly wiping them out a second time because they used their fur, meat, or just saw them as pests.

However, people like me who want to save the Grey Wolf put them on the Endangered Species list. That list is responsible for keeping those wolves alive. Thats why when I heard about this article on the news I was so ticked off. I swear sometimes I wonder if people really think things through. I am truly thankful for this list because it tries to keep so many important species alive. I love Grey Wolves. They are dangerously beautiful and are the symbol of so many stories, hopes, and religions. They are essential to our Biodiversity. Im not going to lie people have a really bad habit of screwing shit up. Look at our land, forests, oceans, economy, they are all falling apart, destroyed, corrupted. Hell , I’m surprised we aren’t on the Endangered Species list for pissing of Mother Nature.

-Muriel Holloway





Hidden Miracles of the Natural World

This is the little video we watched in class on Thursday.  Feel free to comment on it or just watch it again.  Lots more cool videos and TED talks to come!