Bird Flu is Back!

Hello everyone! I’m sure you didn’t miss H7N9, but apparently it is making it’s return in China. There is a new strain of the flu that has killed 23 people in the country so far, and it closely resembles one found in market chicken. The incubation lasts around 6 days, and according to, “the researchers note that the virus can evade detection in human patients if doctors only take samples from their upper-throat. But even in those cases, it can be detected in samples from lower in the the throat. The comment also cautions against thinking that the source has been definitively identified, noting further studies should be done to “possibly look for other sources of infection.””

Eek! While it doesn’t seem to be a huge threat yet, I certainly wasn’t happy to hear that it may be having a comeback. Some more unsettling facts are that it can reside in a bird for some time before showing any negative effects on it, and it has actually mutated to thrive in the temperature of mammals as opposed to birds. This means that person to person contact transmits the illness much quicker and that it can have much more negative effects on a human than a bird. No need to panic yet, but definitely something to keep up with if it makes you concerned! 



Goliath Spider




This is the worlds largest spider in the world, but the funny thing is this spider is among the least deadly to humans. It makes it’s home in the remote areas of the South American rain forest, it can grow the a foot in diameter, it has fang that can grow up to and inch long. They are mostly achieve at night, even though they have eight eyes they cant see well so they lay a bed of webbing down as a early warning system so that if anything walks or craws near them they can strike quickly and accurately. These killing machines usually eat anything from bugs to rodent, though the tarantula’s venom is very deadly for its pray there bite is equivalent to a bee sting for human beings. 

Though these are the spiders that most peoples nightmares are about, truth is that they are the most “human friendly” spider there is. This is why these spiders are sold at every pet store across the country. i personally would never own a spider but hundreds of thousands of people have made these huge hairy spiders there loving pets. 

Armadillo girdled Lizard



I recently did a 3D project that dealt with the Armadillo Girdled Lizard. I designed a backpack that doubled as back protection for any one that was into extreme sports that could possibly injure there backs. But as I did research into this small lizard I came across a few interesting things. It is an threatened species due to the fact that the “pet trade” and the fact that these lizards have a multiple different colors and have a series of spikes along its body,This is what attached me to this lizard for the “plates” of spikes. As I was doing the research on this lizards I found out that its jaw power is so great that it can break its own jaw. The defense mechanism of this lizards is to bit its tail and roll up to make the spike on its body to protrude. The diet of these lizard is typical to most others where as they eat insects. The indigenous area of the Armadillo Lizard is dry, desert areas in small scrubs or rocks. 

Grown with out the Ground



In recent years a new system of growing veggies and plants has come about, Hydro-ponics. Now I understand that this is one of the main ways to grow marijuana, But non smoking people have taking this idea a step further. Taking this growing system and adapted it to grow a plethora of things, like tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, green beans, cucumbers, broccoli, okra, eggplant, Swiss chard, collard greens, turnips, cabbage, celery, sweet onions, bok choi, kale, arugula, tatsoi, spinach, scallions, yellow squash, zucchini, herbs. 

As a matter a fact they have adopted to it so well that there is “hydro” farms popping up all over the united states. Further research has shown that using the hydroponics system produces better and more nourishing fruits and vegetables, also the size of the produce has increased do the the fact of it being suspended in the air.