GMO vs Organic

This topic is pretty popular for a couple years already. Everywhere I go i saw things such as: Organic, no GMO etc. And I get annoyed because some foods and item that marked organic is actually not organic at all…Even worse in some case,the box advertised : no sugar. If a drink/food is sugar free and it’s sweet, then the only possible replacement of sugar that cost the company the least is artificial sweetener which is chemical. Which bring more toxic into your body rather than normal sugar. Living in the USA I found that processed food are really popular and almost everyone eat them weekly. My family still keep the habit of eating at home with the food we grow and some other food buy from organic market/farm. Eating processed food can be disgusting sometimes especially if you get used to fresh organic food.
Genetic Modified food is something I think is good with limit use. Over modified anything will never be good. The risk of creating a more resistance plant’s parasite is too large and it can destroy our food devastatingly. I think a little modified to produce more products is enough.


the endangered bees

Before watching the documentary I had a chance to go to a bee farm near Sarasota. And the owner there talked to me about Colony Collapse Disorder and it really shocked me. He showed me his two bee hives that he lost due to CCD. Beside parasites there are also other causes that scientist are investigating. And I think not many people in the USA understand the important of bees to us. Bees are technically our foods source, without bees we will lost many fruits, plants that are important to us.
like in this photo:  
Along with CCD bees also run into other threats from human such as deforestation, pesticide and industrialism just to name a few.
The number of bees has been decreased dramatically in the recents years. And if you watched Interstellar you can kind of see what would happen to us when bees disappeared. In the movie, for who didn’t see it, the only food human has left is corn, that’s it. Everything else has died, and if the bees disappear right now. Eventually we going to be like them, like in the movie, only corn to eat

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Yayyyyy Mayakka !

I really enjoyed the trip to Myakka last week. This is the 2nd time I go here but this time I explored way more part of the park. I love the tower that looks over the park. The ecosystem in Mayakka is really variable and interesting. I like that they provide many camping sites. The alligators there were huge and also I figure out that we can fish in there which is amazing since I like to fish sometimes. The state park is huge and walking around was a little tired but fun indeed. I would like to see more national park and state parks like this around the world. I think they can also make eco friendly hotels here. I know many people craving for that. They want to live in an eco friendly hotel that is very close to nature and away from busy city. This will also rise money for the State Park Facility. Overall this is an amazing place to see, many potential for camping and photography
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No Impact Man not very impactful…

I finally found the video No Impact man on the Internet and watched it. I was really interested in the video at first. Then as the documentary goes on I feel that doing this cause so many troubles for Colin and his wife. His wife can’t stand some of the changes and I noticed that many people in the USA addicted to those things. Like reality TV, Starbucks, shopping etc, she almost went crazy without those thing. So I don’t think his idea would work for everyone therefore it’s useless. After watching the documentary I do a research about his family after the documentary ended. They actually made a lot of exceptions against their goal. They still needs to consume things mentally like cinema, theater, they can’t stop watching TV completely. There are many things that became a part of their life and they can’t just let it go.
That’s why I think his idea was not very practical. I think, instead of cutting off everything so sudden. He should have mentally prepare his wife first, teach her the negatives effect she is causing by doing what she love. When she have the inspiration and motivation to help the environment it will be easier for her to execute the plan with him. Also help her not struggle and feeling miserable. He also jumped ahead of time too much. He could have waited and learn more about alternative way for his basic needs. Like natural shower, restroom , how to make toilet paper etc. These things will help they live off technology and more nature friendly. But I really like their idea I also have a plan of travel around the USA only live in my trailer and travel by an electric car. The Trailer would have solar panel,wind turbine (mini version) to collect electric city to use at night. I may make a blog while traveling, I can charge my camera laptop. phone by using those solar panel. I will fishing and hunting in area that allow. In some place that doesn’t allow or neither of those are available I will buy organic food and cook them myself.

Slowing and hopefully stop global warming


There is no denying that climate change and global warming is serious problem that we are facing right now. The ice cap is melting the winter gets colder the summer gets hotter and also longer. We are losing thousands square feet of forest every year. Yet it seems like the majority of mankind having something more important than climate change. We are too busy anticipating conflicts around the world. We are too busy making money that’s not even real to paying for thing that destroying earth when it was making. What we should invest money and resources in is advancing technology that pushing mankind’s life standard and civilization to a new height. Also, Earth is our only known habitable planet which means if we destroyed this planet we have nowhere to go and extinction is a matter of time. Why are we not trying to survive but thrilling to killing ourself. We value money so much that we overlooked the important of protecting environment. Money won’t be able to sustain this planet, we have to do something else. Try to find ways to product products that are friendly to the environment in a friendly way. Try to improve the technology to help production while still being clean. It’s not that hard we already had electric car, solar panel, solar road ( yes we already paved road with solar panel), wind turbine. We should reduce the use of oil and figure out the clean way to supply human with energy. Like, replace all the road on earth and making new road with solar panel to produce electricity for the region that the road in. Instead of making electric dam and destroying the ecosystem of rivers we can produce electricity by building electric storage like battery with high capacity. For now the popular capacity of battery is still low but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve it,we could if we invest in it. And we can use skyscraper to gather electricity from lightning and store in those battery. One strike of lightning can produce more than a year of electric city for London, researchers said. Why don’t we invest in a technology to utilizer the nature resource? We are having such amazing gift on this planet and we don’t even care about using it to make our life better

The Cove

This was a really depressing documentary for me to watch. It was also the first time I watched it as well and it was really shocking. I really appreciate the effort that those activists put in. They risked their lives for those dolphins and when I learned that someone even got murdered ( Blackfish) I was really upset and angry. Those people should be fed to wild sharks honestly. I know that human is always greedy and have a short vision. People always want the profit right away and willing to do everything for that profit. They don’t take time to invest in the future; it would not be a surprise for me to see human slowly dying and eventually extinct if things keep going this way. Imagine that earth is a small house we live in, with some livestocks some water and vegetable and a tree. If we kill all the stock to sell to other people and drink all the water without reserving them and cut down the tree for wood we would end up living in an empty house and have nothing left to feed on. That’s what we are doing with our planet, and obviously we only have one planet to live and we’re acting like we have hundreds of them. No, if we destroy this planet we die with it too. Human’s nature is just too…stupid in my opinion. We called ourselves the most intelligent animal on this planet yet we’re the only one acting like bunch of idiots. I hope those japanese guys will be stopped and arrest in the future honestly, India already make it illegal to capture and danger Dolphins they also consider dolphins and whales as Non-human person. That’s a great news and I do hope this  movement will spread out the whole word.

I was working at Mote Marines on Monday and I saw two 2 wild dolphins and a manatee play around in the sea right in front of me and I think it was beautiful such a shame that many of them are being locked in prisons so called “Sea World”

South Lido Beach

I really enjoyed the trip except for that part where we met people who was fishing and caught couple tiny bonnethead sharks. I mean like they’re too small to be killed. Those people won’t benefit from killing those sharks either I think they should just let them go after they caught it.

_DSC1169 _DSC0988
As we walked along the trail me and Kevin found a lots of trashes and it’s kinda upset me because trash cans were everywhere along the trail and some people just can’t put it in there instead of throwing them out in the environment. That’s also one of the death causes for animal like the seagull and pelican, they ate those plastic trashes and unable to digest them. It’s just so inconsiderate of them!
Also I think by making this trail and let people come here we violated the natural a little. Those raccoons at the end of the trip is a good example, as you can see they’re not only not afraid of human but also comes close to us asking for food. We made them depends on human for food and I don’t think that’s a good thing it’s disrupt the nature’ cycle in a way.
I am glad that this beautiful place was not made into a resort for tourist since most of the time doing so mean destroying the natural environment of those animals to get space for human’s entertainment.
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The Stupidity of Mankind

When we watched the video about Sylvia Earl last week, I got really angry and upset about the human’s action toward the animal in the ocean. The way human treat nature and animals is just plain stupid. The population of marine animals in the last several decades has been decreased dramatically. For example, sharks have been hunted heavily just for their fin. Also coral reef was destroyed in many places to expand lands for resort for tourist. They could have done eco tour instead of those resort and the only reason they do it is because money. Human is pretty stupid with their idea of earning money from nature. You can’t just destroy nature to earn money for yourself, nature is where you also live! Human is just an animal, the fact that we granted intelligent doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want. Those people deluded themselves that they can afford anything in the world with money. No, you can’t recover nature with money, it would cost you more than the money you earned to return nature to its previous state before you destroyed it. You’re destroying the house you live in,do you do that at home? no, then why you do it with nature? it just upset me how stupid people can be sometimes.

Evolution is amazing

The video we watched during class was really interesting. Evolution has been an important part of life on Earth since the first life has existed on earth. That’s about couple billion years but it’s not until Darwin that human come to acknowledge it. I think of gene as a series of codes and was programed to ensure the survival of species. If we consider gene as a code like the one in program language then who was the one wrote the code? God? Nature? I don’t know and I would like to know. I think it’s amazing how animals can transform themselves after many generations to fit with the world they’re living in. The ability to change your own genetic codes to transform yourself physically is amazing. Imagine having that ability to use as your own wish instead of having to wait for hundreds of years. I would like to see if human can advance to the point of able to control their gene and modify them as we wish. That would help a lot in medical field, we can modify DNA to be immune to cancer like those naked mole rats.  We can have control the power to control almost everything on Earth. That probably something we won’t achieve in couple years. I think it would take us hundreds if not thousands of year to figure out how to control our DNA, but hopefully im wrong. If that possible we may as well optimize the human race through various DNA upgrade if possible. Compare to other animals we sort of losing evolution race in physical term. Luckily we won them in the race of intelligent.  evolutionnn

Science of Dogs

The documentary Science of Dogs has many interesting aspects as well as many aspects that I dislike. First of all, I think that genetically modify dogs is wrong. I believe that by trying to change a dog genetically to fit our standard of beauty or our demanding is wrong and only bring them troubles.Some breeds of dog have a specific health problem that comes from the genetic modifying done by human.

I like that some breeders and scientist put their effort in to help fix the genetic problems in dog. Personally I hate seeing my dogs suffering and I also hate when people put their old dogs to shelter. It’s a very hypocrite thing to do and I think those people are shallow. They only want good breed and good looking dog when the dog doesn’t meet their expectation anymore they get rid of them. For me that’s a very inhuman thing to do.