Adventures in Myakka

As we got lost on our journey to Myakka , we lost the opportunity to have had an informed guide through our exploring. Myself, and two other students were able to go on a self directed tour through the wonders of Myakka.

During the stressful week of finals, we were able to take a breather and let ourselves become emersed in the beauty of nature. We walked countless flights of stairs to the top of the canopy where we witnessed the inspiration of Myakka. Surrounded by greenery for miles on each end, the candy green grass and fresh air enveloped our senses. We stood in awe of Mother Nature and felt compelled to stay silent in this experience. As we continued moving I was able to catch some sleepy alligators lounging near the river, their intimidating size and menacing expressions steered me away from even peering too close to them. When we eventually shuffled down the stairs I saw a name on each plank. The immense amount of people involved in the preservation of Myakka park inspired me and portrayed the sense of community we have when feeling connected to the earth.


This collectivist love for the environment motivated me to us emy own knowledge and resources to aid the preservation of a beautiful community. In my home town in Goa, India my family and I have worked on helping the farmers yield crops sustainably and responsibly. Nowadays they have huge-super market chains to compete against and they often resort to the use of intensive pesticides to yield a substantial amount of crops, thus my family gives financial support to the farmers to continue using organic farming techniques and yet have a platform for them to sell their produce. The introduction of non-indigenous specious into farming can often effect the ecosystem. Hence we have tried to promote the use of indigenous specious.




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