I’m generally not a friend to insects or bugs. Especially those with wings. And stingers. And even though I know now that honeybees are generally harmless and are very important to our world, you won’t find me spending my free time around a hive. Still, even if I had the guts to kill a bee on my own, I wouldn’t now, knowing how important they are. Wasps can go die though.

The Vanishing of the Bees enlightened me about the global problem of CCD and its connections to pesticide use. When Europe first brought the problem to light through protests, the governments responded with new laws and aids for bee workers. Pesticides were banned, and new pesticides were carefully observed and tested before being put into use. In America, however, pesticides are just put straight into use without testing for the effects first. Any problems that then result from these pesticides then have to be brought to attention through tedious protests and hearings. It’s another example of how America prioritizes business over health. Because who cares if the pesticides are killing the bees, if those pesticides help keep food production up and make money?

CCD is honestly a very scary phenomenon. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how big the world is, until entire planes go missing, and bees disappear into thin air. The world is connected through technology that makes our lives easier, so it’s frustrating that that same technology can’t help us solve these major problems. Or perhaps we do already have the technology to solve these problems, but the system in already in place won’t make room for technology that could have a benefit other than money?


One thought on “Un-bee-lievable

  1. I agree with you. The fact that transporting bee hives has become a global problem is amazing to me. How could anyone think that blowing smoke into a bees face and then transporting them from cold to hot to cold to hot weather could be good for them.

    I am not a smoker and I know it is not the same type of smoke used for bees but if our smoke is bad for your lungs wouldn’t be bad for a bees. I often become sick when the weather changes drastically from hot to cold, and I know most of my friends do too. So wouldn’t this drastic change and constant movement make them sick too.

    I think there are so many things wrong with the way we are progressing in the world. It seems to me that most people just don’t care enough, and I think that is wrong.

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