Myakka State Park


Despite getting a bit lost upon arrival, our class trip to Myakka State Park was enjoyable (although cooler weather would have been appreciated). All while I was there, I couldn’t help but compare it to the Florida Everglades from back home. If you live in south Florida like I do, then you know that you can’t go through lower school without at least several field trips to the everglades with the obligatory airboat ride thrown in. All in all, it was a similar view: swampy areas with tropical birds, and the occasional lazy gator snoozing in the sun. The landscapes were familiar and different at the same time. It was a raw, yet really pretty view. (At least I was able to get some really nice reference photos!)


Something that stood out to me about Myakka State Park was that it was surprisingly untouched and rural. There was almost nobody there. Even during my many trips to the Everglades, there were always a bunch of other people and activities there (like airboat rides and large guided tours). There was even a gift shop. But Myakka was different. The self exploring aspect was unexpectedly refreshing. The forest walk and the canopy walk were nice as well. I’ve always been a lover of trees and how they look, so walking down the winding path looking up at the trees was a nice experience. The highlight of the trip was definitely the canopy walk. The tower was so high up and the view was beautiful! I enjoyed this field trip very much.


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