Locally Grown Food

In Miami, I am very much used to there being convenient sources of food within a short distance. But as a kid, when I would go to visit my grandmother on the other side of town, we would have to drive through farm country. (Wait what? There are farms? Miami isn’t just what you see in Dexter!) A few of the more common crops you find growing are strawberries, banana trees, baby palm trees, and tomatoes.

During these visits, my parents would also always take me to these small farmers markets. One is called Burrs’ Berry Farm where they grew the most delicious fresh strawberries EVER. The tiny market would sell fresh strawberry shakes, freshly made hot dogs, and delicious vanilla milkshakes.


Another local Miami farm is called Knaus Berry Farm. This farmers market is a bit more popular than Burrs. In addition to their freshly grown produce, they also had a bakery which is most famously known for their delicious cinnamon buns. You can only buy them a couple months out of the year so people from all over the city go and stock up on them and freeze them for later. My family would always buy a few dozen each year.


Thinking back, I never really thought about the significance of locally produced food, but some of my fondest memories of my family were spent at those farmers markets eating fresh, delicious food, enjoying each other’s company.


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