GMO vs Organic

This topic is pretty popular for a couple years already. Everywhere I go i saw things such as: Organic, no GMO etc. And I get annoyed because some foods and item that marked organic is actually not organic at all…Even worse in some case,the box advertised : no sugar. If a drink/food is sugar free and it’s sweet, then the only possible replacement of sugar that cost the company the least is artificial sweetener which is chemical. Which bring more toxic into your body rather than normal sugar. Living in the USA I found that processed food are really popular and almost everyone eat them weekly. My family still keep the habit of eating at home with the food we grow and some other food buy from organic market/farm. Eating processed food can be disgusting sometimes especially if you get used to fresh organic food.
Genetic Modified food is something I think is good with limit use. Over modified anything will never be good. The risk of creating a more resistance plant’s parasite is too large and it can destroy our food devastatingly. I think a little modified to produce more products is enough.


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