Diet: Childhood vs Now


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The discussion in class about the American diet changing over time to eat more unhealthy helped me to recall my eating habits of when I was younger.I remember a long time ago I used to eat a lot of sweet things and just dislike it because it was so sweet. There are still many friends from Korea who say that certain foods here are just way too sugary for them and that they can’t handle the taste. I know that my brother and my mom tend to dislike food that is “too sweet” as well. For me… It’s hard to find something that crosses the “too sweet” line. In fact, I don’t think I even have that line. Like my dad, I love sweet things like ice cream and candy. It’s still a big problem for me and my mom is the most worried about it. One night she was sitting on the sofa watching an educational documentary. Now, I didn’t know this, and she gestured me to come sit and watch this awesome cool movie with her (or what I thought it was). I got all excited because she never wants to watch things with me. I thought that this would be a really fun movie, but as soon as she pressed play, I got right back up. She made me stay and watch the informative clip about diabetes and the symptoms and health risks that come with the disease. Back then, I wasn’t really sure why she thought I ate so much sugar. Now I realize that my tastebuds have grown accustom to such extreme sugary-ness that I don’t think many things are unbearably sugary anymore. I rarely feel that a certain food is too sweet while I remember when I was younger, I hated lucky charms because it made the inside of my mouth tickle from the sugary marshmallows. I used to prefer vegetables over meat and decline sweet things. I was healthier as a kid than as an adult who cam make decisions on what I eat.


One thought on “Diet: Childhood vs Now

  1. This was in interesting post to read for me because my sense of taste has done the opposite. As a child, I was always able to eat as many sweet things as I wanted but as I got older, my stomach grew more and more sensitive to things like candy, baked goods, and most unfortunately, chocolate. 😦

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