the endangered bees

Before watching the documentary I had a chance to go to a bee farm near Sarasota. And the owner there talked to me about Colony Collapse Disorder and it really shocked me. He showed me his two bee hives that he lost due to CCD. Beside parasites there are also other causes that scientist are investigating. And I think not many people in the USA understand the important of bees to us. Bees are technically our foods source, without bees we will lost many fruits, plants that are important to us.
like in this photo:  
Along with CCD bees also run into other threats from human such as deforestation, pesticide and industrialism just to name a few.
The number of bees has been decreased dramatically in the recents years. And if you watched Interstellar you can kind of see what would happen to us when bees disappeared. In the movie, for who didn’t see it, the only food human has left is corn, that’s it. Everything else has died, and if the bees disappear right now. Eventually we going to be like them, like in the movie, only corn to eat

.  _DSC1436 _DSC1433


One thought on “the endangered bees

  1. Wow… I knew that the bees were essential in pollinating crops around the world, but I didn’t know that they had such a humungous impact directly on our grocery crops. Those two images by themselves have a big impact on the viewer. It made me stop scrolling because of the huge difference in selection. People won’t take notice or give problems any interest unless it directly affects them. This affects people all over the world.

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