Mysterious Disappearance of Colonies

The Vanishing of Bees was a great documentary that talked about the mysterious disappearing of honeybees across the world.

Honey Bee

I thought this was a great documentary to watch and learned a lot of new things. This documentary was the first time that I heard of Colony Collapse Disorder. I literally thought that when bees vanished, it was just that they flew off somewhere and took their queen with. I had no idea that it was disappearance without any trace or evidence of the colony itself. Pretty fascinating in my opinion. It’s comparable to let’s say, the 1587 Croatoan Colony of Roanoke Island. This Colony, like the bees, mysteriously disappeared. I’m comparing the two loosely as humans and bees have nothing in common (besides the obvious). The reason why I brought up the colony, is because like the bees, nobody knows what happened and there is no trace.

Despite the fact that honeybees are being abducted, they do manage to get a lot done. As the documentary states: Honeybees are built for pollination. They fly from flower to flower and pollinate naturally. Without honeybees, we would be without man fruits and vegetables. Earlier on in the movie, one person said how they were built for pollination. They have hairs to pick up the pollen. They have little built in scratchers on their legs to scrape off pollen from their antennas. Their antennas are use to feel, smell, and “see” in a way. I took it upon myself to find a nice breakdown of their anatomy. Beehindlegdiagram

So where the pollen basket is, is where the bee collects pollen, as shown below.


Overall, honey bees are very important – not only to us but to the world. Humans aren’t the only to rely and depend on them, other animals that eat plants and fruits can thank the honey bees as well. I really do wonder where they flew off to.


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