My Diet

I live in an urbanized corner of Malaysia, where foods weren’t always local or fresh from the farm as one could find in the countryside. Processed foods abound in supermarkets, mall food stores, and corner stalls, and the natural foods are found in morning markets, night markets and street markets. My diet in Malaysia was a mix of natural and processed sustenance, typically consisted from white rice from the supermarket, to fresh vegetables bought from a mobile lorry market.

But in the States, my life is fueled by foods from Walmart. In recent weeks, my diet has changed for the worst. Due to the load of school obligations, convenience becomes a friend. So in any given week in the autumn of this semester, I’d bring home a few bags of instant pasta, some chips, some eggs, and some fizzy drinks. This way I could instantly administer pleasure in times of stress, pressure or just classic lassitude. Back at home, food was prepared, and washing done by someone else.

I do agree with the popular perspective that it is out of convenience that people source their calories from Walmart or Burger King. In a world that’s ever developing, there is a need to save time as there is a need for economy to grow. The ubiquity of convenience food fulfills just that need, so that there would be more time for ambitions, profit-making and whatnot. And after all the hard work, convenient food is just there to save energy from washing, cooking, and washing again.

As summer break nears and this spring semester ends, and my days would be opened up as wide as a blue summer sky, I’m planning to reinvent my eating habits, geared towards a healthier diet. But even then, it is quite unlikely that I’ll be consuming fresh from the farm crops.


One thought on “My Diet

  1. Finals have destroyed my diet as well. Before these last two weeks, I’d gone several months without drinking any type of soda. In the last week I’ve had a bottle of soda every other day. My snacks changed from trail mix and fruit, to chips and cookies. Hopefully once I shed all of this stress I can also shed the unhealthy habits I’ve gained.

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