Black Fish

I didn’t expect that this movie “Black fish” make me concentrate on it. But it just made me so concentrated into this movie. I think it is much better than “the cove” that we watched.

I could think about lots of things when I watching this movie. This movie is not only telling us about death of trainer, showing us what kind of disaster can happen, when human’s selfishness against  a law of nature. I felt scary about that. and I think those business man who just looking for more profit, should watch and realize.
I also become curios about a killer whale. And I check about them. the name of this whale kind a make people think it’s a whale killing people, but wild killer whale’s well known as one of none harmful sea animal to humankind. But killer whale is also one of top strongest predator in food chain under the sea. I heard that shark is not even match to those killer whales.

From just those information, I can imagine that how it can be really dangerous, if we lock those killer whales in small tank and stress them to get lot of money from them. Because even in human life if kind people get mad, they can be more dangerous than people who they are always being aggressive.


2 thoughts on “Black Fish

  1. I haven’t ever seen Black Fish but I have heard horrible things about it. Sea World demise being one such result. From your post though the things that happen sound dreadful. I can imagine some pretty nasty stuff could happen after locking those creatures away in small spaces for lengthy periods of time.

  2. I agree with you on human selfishness went way too far this time, and it was specially discounting how in media they made it look like it was the trainers fault, but in reality they shouldn’t have been having that show in the first play.

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