A More Healthy Way of Life


In class we have been discussing the nature of food genetics. This has been an eye opener as to what food I personally ingest and how to make a change.

In high school I did a study because I was curious as to how many carbs, sugars, fats etc. I consumed a day. I can not remember the exact results but I do remember that I was appalled at how much unnecessary things I was allowing into my body on a daily basis.

A little background:

My mom is a teacher and my dad was a professional musician. Before they split up, there would be nights that my dad had to work around dinner time till midnight. There would be nights my mom could prepare a meal and pick us up from school and drop me off at dance and a million other tasks before dinner rolled around and my dad had to leave. Because of this we had a thing called pizza tuesdays. Another was “fend for yourself” night. After church every sunday my grandparents would come over and bring fried chicken and mashed potatoes and all the trimmings to a southern meal. All in all my family ate out a lot and my body essentially became addicted to the processed and fried and sugary foods. I would eat a whole bag of Doritos in one sitting! WHAT?! I became very over weight and that was not ok. Alot of things happened from that time till now. However, taking a look at how I eat now is just as scary to be honest.

Though there are limited choices that can be made about food here on campus I try to eat healthy. However, after eating salads and soups and trying to stay away from chips and cookies, my body would start craving it. I would get almost a longing to have something not green (not that hammonds vegetables are green). I snowballed in a backwards spiral eating frozen burritos and packaged protein bars. I just didn’t have time to sit down and eat proper food so outtakes processed garbage was supposedly the better choice. After being in this class and seeing the difference I could make to my diet  and health is remarkable.

Having given the opportunity to live off campus next year I am happy to say that I have been looking up recipes for a healthier life style. I have a bit of a backyard so I might even try to plant some fresh herbs and vegetables.

It’s scary going to a restuarant and ordering something. You have no idea what the food might actually be, how it’s being prepared, or what you’re actually putting into your body. Once the whole McDonalds news struck about the chicken nuggets I couldn’t believe I had ever eaten those before. Sadly though, that news didn’t stop me from going back to have some more. I feel like it’s a neurological thing. The fact that your body doesn’t crave the food but your mind leads you to believe that you can’t possibly live without it. It’s an interesting thing to dive into.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!


2 thoughts on “A More Healthy Way of Life

  1. Congratulations on making the decision to make better choices for food! That’s a huge task and I have yet to conjure the courage to do so just because I know how hard it is to get healthier food and how much more extra time I have to put into it to ensure that I’m eating healthier. Unfortunately for me, I prefer to not eat anything instead of forcing myself to eat healthy food that would be better for my body compared to other hammond commons menu entrees. I will try to make myself better food starting next semester. Something that drives me to do this is lowering my meal plan from the full 19 meals per week. I feel like it gives me extra breathing room!

    Have a great summer, good luck with your food-choice challenges!

  2. Eating healthier can be so difficult at times. There are so many food in this world that just smell incredible but they are often terrible for you. I once ate raw for three months which means that I ate nothing but raw fruits and vegetables.

    The first month was difficult, my fiancée did not do it with me and she keep eating unhealthy foods in front of me. The second month she joined me and it was extremely easy for me. I felt better, my skin looked better, I lost weight, I was starving for unhealthy things as much, I had more energy, and my appetite decreased big time. The third month was the worst though. My fiancée gave up big time and she started devouring the most incredible smells. She was eating hamburgers with milkshakes, BBQ, pasta, and more pasta! It made me so hungry for all of that and I gave up.

    I would love to go back though and try all that again because I truly looked and felt better then I had ever felt before. I truly think eating this way is the best decision a person can make.

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