Where do we buy our food?

Most of us are used to go grocery shopping in big Super Markets such as Target, Walmart, Publix…. Is it because it is more convenient? because we find everything we need there? Or because we are used to them? Most of this Super Markets import their food and sell it throughout the United States and to other countries. It is hard to find something that has grown local in them (because they are big chains). If we want to find local food we would need to go to a Farmers Market or small local stores.

Many people say that the best fruit is found only in local stores and that Walmart or Target doesn’t have the best products. I disagree with this statement. It is true that local stores can have fresh and very delicious fruit, but so can big supermarkets. It is important to go and buy our food where we know that they are following food regulations as well.

Choosing where to buy our food is hard, I agree that we need to support local farmers, but I think it is okay to buy products from big chains of super markets.




5 thoughts on “Where do we buy our food?

  1. From my experience, I’ve never had luck finding actual fruit that tastes the way it should, from a Publix or Walmart. I’m not saying they are bad, and it could definitely just be this area or other areas of florida I’ve lived in, but going from my gut I’d rather get products from places I know are to my liking.

  2. I know what you mean about it’s not bad to go big chain grocery markets, But I think other people also doesn’t mean that big chain grocery markets are bad. People just suggest others to help their local farm so they can keep sustain those local farm.
    And one thing about fruits, from my experience, I never get better taste fruits from big chain grocery market. Most good tasted and fresh fruits that I got are from Farmer’s market.

  3. I feel like some things are mislabeled as well or we think we are buying fresh and local when we are really not. I haven’t done my research on it but i believe that places such as fresh market and trader joes might seem fresher and more organic/local but I’m many cases its all in the branding to the consumer.

  4. I’ve never eaten “fresh” ever since I got to the States. All the food I’ve bought or consumed were all from Ringling, super stores or restaurants. I’ve only been to the Farmer’s market twice, and my mom insists that I go there every Saturday. It’s simply too far for a little bit of food that now someone said its actually from Whole Foods.

  5. I agree that we should be more careful about where we purchase our foods because if you buy more locally you are able to go to that farm and see how the animals are treated that you will be consuming. You are able to see if chemicals are being used in the fertilizer or pestisides.

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