The Fraud and Death Administration Doesn’t Care

The vanishing of the bees


The bee industry is very layered and broad One and every 3 bites of food is because of honey beesBees bring the success of flowers from fertilization and are disappearing in staggering numbers.


The first beekeeper to report this was David Hackenburg In October 2006 he discovered massive honeybee losses creating a huge stir and raising a red flag. His bees in Ruskin Florida had gone missing when three weeks before they were perfect bee hives a shocking statement and what does that say about the industrial giant that is housed in Ruskin Florida and all of central Florida. When the bees are dying something is wrong with the environment, which will eventually affect all of us. For centuries honey was seen as magical and seen as medicinal in ancient times they were seen as omens and thought to be some kind of message or blessing. In 2007 they created a task force to investigate this epidemic they called it colony collapse disorder This problem has never been to this degree more then 3000 bees can disappear in just one afternoon this eventually will effect the 15 billion dollars of food the bees help to pollinate in the us alone. When tests where done to the bees multiple pathogens have been affecting them Yet none were seen to be the reason for the disappearance. Many conspiracies are surrounding these issues from Russian satellites to cellphone towers. Still no answers. but with all commercial aspects there is always a huge group of holistic beekeepers that take opposite approaches by having smaller hives and not as much travel the commercial aspects of beekeeping is very questionable as many of the bees are fed with commercial sugars during travel. There are many beekeepers which have began to holistic practices and avoid the exploitation of their bees.




3 thoughts on “The Fraud and Death Administration Doesn’t Care

  1. I found it interesting to learn a little more about bees. I don’t know much about the process in which bees, must go through, but I am very curious into why there has been such a loss in honey bees in Ruskin, Florida.

  2. Somehow, I heard a lot about bee’s vanishing on the world. And I hope lots of people get inform about that. I think post like this can help us inform about what’s happening to bees these days. Hopefully Lot of people read this post.

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