I hate turkey

So this isn’t going to be a blog post about me ranting on how much I hate turkey….thats for another time. I will how ever talk about  food (or at least food market) .

So for the longest time I was feed on straight up just turkey and chicken, because my mom was trying to keep the family healthy by not using fatty beef and pork. now I was never the biggest fan of either but it thanks to this long extint of my life, I hate turkey with a blazing passion. there were many times were i just picked the straight up vegetarian option instead of eating what ever turkey product (or really cold meat product)  was presented to me. My grandma would always get kind mad at me that I wasn’t eating the meat that was given to me. when I was younger I thought she thought I spoiled and just a brat (even though most parents struggle to get their kids to eat their vegetabels which I had no problem with). now that I”m older I can of understand her thought process behind it.

it’s not to often people kind of think about the thought that, meat is a luxury it always has been and it always will be. killing raising and processing animals for the sake of food takes time and money. there were large points in history were people couldn’t afford meat and weren’t educated to know about the wide variety of vegetables that could suppliment there lack of. it takes a toll on a lot of things and we’re just now starting to realize it’s not the cleanest or the most stress free industry. I don’t really have much of an alternative to the heavy stock we put on meat other than the numerous diet and medical studies that promote eating a more vegetable and grain material. having meat with every meal is an arcane status symbol of wealthy something I’m hoping within the next few years we will grow out of.


4 thoughts on “I hate turkey

  1. I’m also the person who hate turkey. But I don’t like it because of it’s taste and texture, not like your reason. I never had turkey when I was in Korea, and when I first try when it was first thanksgiving day to me, I was expecting it taste like chicken taste and just a bigger size. But it wasn’t like chicken, It’s texture and taste worse than chicken. So, after that first try I don’t like turkey.
    And even though I eat meats and love meats, in other side I feel sorry to the animals which are sacrificed to provide meat to us. I hope we can have meats or some different can replace to meat without sacrificing animal, in the future.

  2. I don’t like Turkey either. I grew up in Germany, there was no Thanksgiving. We did celebrate because my Dad is American, but I don’t like the flavor or texture of turkey. There are a few instances where I eat Turkey, but for thanksgiving I rather eat Ham. I think we take meat for granted, and we shouldn’t. Numerous health reports tell you what the right serving size for chicken, red meat, etc..but I feel like we can do without meat in general.

  3. I agree with what you had to say about meat being a part of every meal. There’s a really weird mindset where people think a meal has to involve meat in order to actually “count” for anything. When I was younger, my family used to have days where we wouldn’t eat any meat, and I used to think it was an awful idea. Now, though, I’ve realized that meat isn’t nearly as important and I tend to avoid it altogether

  4. Just a funny comment. My mom fed us turkey and chicken constantly when I was a kid as well. I took a liking to chicken and ate it constantly. My mom told me I needed to eat more than just chicken or I would start sprouting feathers. One day my mom was brushing my hair and stuck a pillow feather in it, showed me the feather in the brush, and convinced me I was turning into a chicken. Granted I was four at the time but I refused to eat chicken for over a year.

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