Food and Local

We were talking about eat Local during last weeks class. I know it is helping your own local by eating locally. because local food can save transportation money by selling their food in their local area. And we also can get fresh food in cheaper place. Sometimes I go to the farmers market to get some fresh local vegetable to use them for cook. And compare to those big grocery markets like Walmart, they are cheaper and have a better condition. Most of them are so fresh, So I feel getting healthy by just grocery shopping in local farmer’s market.

When I was in Korea, my parents prefer getting local food to cook them. And I was living next to the sea, so we always could get good and fresh sea food. At that time I felt healthier because I eat local and I eat the food that made with mom’s effort to keep their family healthy. After I moved into U.S. I was busy and also lazy, so I didn’t cook much even though I have a kitchen in my house. And I go get food from big grocery or fast food restaurant to fulfill my hunger. That caused me get a fat and made me unhealthier.

These days I’m trying eat local fresh food, I hope that I don’t get lazy again, and I will keep try to eat local fresh food as long as possible.


5 thoughts on “Food and Local

  1. I agree. It’s often better to just buy locally and eat fresh from the farmers as compared to Walmart or Publix. The problem with those stores is that it’s all imported and travels and gets bruised and stuff.

  2. I have to admit i have never been to the farmers market but eating local i can also say creates better food in a different way. the food is repaired and presented and even tastes better because those preparing it know its special to the area (see food in particular) and that the dish is popular because it is only available in select areas.

  3. things generally just taste better when you either buy them in season or in state. I feel you though often times one of the biggest things that stops us form purchasing local produce and what not (besides not having a proper kitchen) is laziness.

  4. Eating locally is a great thing for your planet, your local community and your health. Even if we don’t eat locally, just using the real ingredients no matter if it was from Wallmart or a farmers market, it’s leap-years better then any fastfood.

  5. Since I live in a big city, I know how easy it is to just go to a walmart and get all your groceries there. I’m lazy as well! It’s convenient and less time consuming. But even shopping at walmart is better than fast food.

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