Ideally I would want to be fruitarian (not sure how healthy that is) and try to stay away from all meats and fish but here and there I’m a sucker for a nice filet… But after watching the cove and other documentaries I now feel very guilty. While I’m in Sarasota I don’t eat meat I eat mainly fruits, granola bars, bagels, yogurt and oddly because I used to despise them multiple verities of beans. I don’t like to cook large meals for myself because well I’m lazy when I’m by myself but when I’m with my boyfriend on the weekend he is meat and potatoes guy and a stickler for always having meat. Many people are convinced that meat is the only source of protein I’ve gotten him to be much better and have drastically dropped the amount of red meat. When eating meat I try to only do chicken or fish I used to never really eat veggies either but now I love them because I dowse all my vegies in soy sauce and Sautee them so I eat sodium veggies all the time now. I try to get fancy here and there I’ve tried lettuce wraps and making pizza crust with cauliflower and personal pizzas with tomatoes this satisfies my stomach and taste buds. I prefer to eat light and fresh when I eat right like this I feel energized after I eat. But when I eat heavy foods like meats and breads and cheese I feel immediately tired and like I’m about to have a food baby. Hopefully over the summer I will have more time to go to the farmers market and by more locally sourced foods and learn more about healthy eating.

­ Fruits with high accuracy


2 thoughts on “DIET GOALS

  1. Being mostly vegetarian my whole life, I actually forget that you can get protein from meet. I’ve gotten so used to finding it from different sources, like nuts or greek yogurt, that meat is the last thing on my mind when someone says they need protein and the first when someone says they need junk food.

  2. This was an interesting post to read! A lot of what you said rang true for me as well. I’m starting to notice more how my meals affect the amount of energy I have. Also the difference from eating light fresh foods to greasy heavy foods. I definitely am trying to eat healthier!

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