A Vegetarian Diet


For the longest time I’ve been a vegetarian, and the reasons for me being one have changed over the course of my life; but the simple fact remains that I just don’t like the taste of it. When I was little, it seemed like I would dish out all of the meat my parents would buy from the local grocery store (especially hotdogs). In fact, when I was four years old, my family and I went on a trip to Skytop, PA (a lodge in the Poconos), I ordered 4 hotdogs and ate them all, and it is now a classic story in our household. Shortly after that I became a vegetarian. I really do not know how exactly I transitioned from practically a carnivore to herbivore. No one in my family remembers either. This aside, ever since then I have stuck to my diet.

In class last week I remember someone discussing a family member who was a vegetarian but did not obtain the essential proteins and vitamins in their diet (only carbs). Unfortunately, this sounds a lot like me. Most of my diet consists of carbs. It didn’t use to be this way. Around middle school to early high school my mom would be constantly hovering over my head about receiving the proper minerals in my diet. The most trouble I had for the longest period of time was getting protein into my daily diet. So; she bought me these little shakes called protein drinks. They weren’t too gross (as most healthy blended drinks are) and I couldn’t really tell the difference between when I was drinking them and when I wasn’t; but it pleased me that I satisfied my mom.

Nowadays my diet has just gotten worse; and to be honest I don’t care enough to change it. I don’t think about it as being too important (even though I probably should) One last thing I wanted to mention was a reason that came up recently that makes me never want to eat meat, and that’s the slaughter of animals. I added this on to a solidified reason (just not enjoying the taste), but it’s notable. I am definitely against animal cruelty, and have recently seen videos/documentaries of slaughterhouses. It may not directly correspond to my diet; but I feel like the more vegetarians there are, the more likely the demand of animal slaughter will plummet. So in that sense I do feel like I am making a difference, even if it is almost too small to see.


3 thoughts on “A Vegetarian Diet

  1. i feel the stress of school really makes it hard to it properly yet i know several vegetarians outside of school who eat onion rings and fries and hardly anything that is considered healthy.

  2. Its interesting that you have no idea why you made the transition, most of the cases i know of someone makes the choice because of a preference or a change of heart. I know in particular, cousin ate meat all her life then one day she was stuck behind a truck stuffed with pigs on the way to a slaughter house and she gave up meat right on the spot for several years.

  3. I don’t eat red meat because I can’t stand the taste (or the smell). Even when I was a little kid, the only way I would eat steak is if it were covered in enough salt to completely mask the taste of it, which also was not very healthy. I’ve never even eaten a hotdog before–the smell has never allowed me to.

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