Food Habits and Overpopulation

Last week we talked about a great topic, which is the Biodiversity of Food.

I am a food lover, and growing up in Brazil and being exposed to a variety of fruits and vegetables, I relate to what the professor said about global markets and the variety of products decreasing in the US to single products that are durable and “look good” but taste poorly and possibly be dangerous to eat.
This concerns me and makes me wonder if Brazil will have the fate of less variety in the future since we are very industrialized and not very environment minded. Still, here are some fruits from Brazil that I hope will never go extinct due to climate change and/or industrialized marketing that I would like to share with the class. Hopefully you will get to eat them some day. They are delicious.

This is an acerola, they are very sour fruits


This is a jabuticaba, it is generally sweet with a white pulp but the pulp around the core is usually sour

Featured image

These black fruits are funny because they grow on the bark of the trees like this:

Featured image

images respectively :

We also talked about a certain topic that I have researched a couple years back which relates to “Overpopulation” and food. I, for once, do not believe in overpopulation. I believe in urban over crowding.

This is the website I have based some of my ideas on the population issue and you are welcome to check it out and maybe possibly change your mind in over population.

The class discussion also made me think more about eating healthier, locally (local farms have better quality food), and to eat less meat. I have a hard time adjusting to eat the way I truly want in an environment like Ringling since I am on the Meal Plan and sometimes have poor choices for food. But I will definitely keep the food topic in mind and get my life to feel a little better over the summer.


7 thoughts on “Food Habits and Overpopulation

  1. I never tasted those fruit, but its looks nice.
    I hope those fruits not extinct because of due to climate change and/or industrialized.
    I feel said when I hearing about some fruits will extinct soon, because they got virus due to climate change. I heard one rumor about banana, that lots of banana get some virus these days, and because of that there will be no more banana in the future. I hope it’s a just rumor, but it could be true.

  2. I’ve never even thought about all of the fruits that exist in the world. I’ve never heard of these, which makes me wonder how many other delicious fruits (and vegetables) I’ve grown up completely unaware of. It’s almost like discovering a brand new color.

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