Myakka State Park

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Myakka State Park was gorgeous. Even though I got bitten by gosh darn Florida mosquitoes after covering up, I still enjoyed it! It’s definitely a park worth going multiple times. I didn’t expect it to be such a huge park and was surprised when we had to go by car from place to place. Though it was a little disappointing that many animals didn’t come out (except for the alligators-the alligators were not very amused by our presence!), the scenery was beautiful and it was a nice way for everyone to relax from the stressful schoolwork. The canopy walk was definitely the scariest and the best part of our trip to Myakka. I have a slight fear of heights and I was incredibly nervous to feel the stairway shaking as we got higher and higher, but it was all worth it in the end. It was an amazingly beautiful sight at the top of the canopy walk. The horizon stretched out endlessly and it felt like all of the stress and fatigue was washed away for the day. The trip immersed me in the middle of nature itself. I don’t think I’ve done that in a very long time, probably haven’t since I was a kid. I remember walking along the trail and looking at the trees and thinking, “wow that would be really nice to paint/draw”.

One thing that I didn’t like about Myakka was that I could always smell something funky. I don’t know why, but when we were walking along the trail this unpleasant aroma climbed itself up and into my nostrils. I didn’t enjoy it very much. I looked up what other activities that we can do at the park and I would really enjoy going on a boat tour in Myakka.


One thought on “Myakka State Park

  1. Myakka is definitely beautiful! There is so much to look at and do there. I didn’t end up meeting up with the rest of the class because my group became lost, but I did enjoy the part that we went to. I am not sure what smell you are pertaining to though.

    I thought it smelled like fresh air and freedom from the city. I love going outside it has always been my favorite thing to do. Even when I am indoors I love having the windows open so I can listen to nature.

    I think at Ringling we do not have as many opportunities to be free of the computer labs. I think that it is worth it to take breaks often and go for many walk.

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