The Myakka Jaunt


The Myakka jaunt, the South Lido Beach excursion, was a pleasant once-in-a-while outdoor pursuit. Spanning 37,000 acres, we’ve only explored a pixel of it. The weather was pleasant, but would’ve been better if it had the chill of winter.


It was interesting walking through the geography of the region. Despite lacking any culminating moments of sheer excitement of a distant or close-up observation of any rare or bizarre or never-before-seen flora or fauna or any phenomenon of any sort, the walk was a serene exploration of the vast sylvan kingdom. The landscapes were beautiful, flat as a pancake but varied still. Some parts of the forest around the trail looked a little too clean and uncluttered, as if it were a segment of an ecology diorama project, I’m not sure if it was the work of man or not. Aside from that, I did not see a lot of wildlife, save for the indifferent alligators on the bank and in the water, some birds, and a very far far away deer.



The canopy part of the trip does remind me of my very first visit to the Myakka River State Park. It was 1-2 years ago when I visited the park for a cinematography project (exploring symmetry of composition). The canopy walk structure hasn’t changed much, which illuminates the swift passage of time, or the illusion of it at the least. Twice I ascended the canopy structure, and twice I savored the view from the top of it. It was a cool spot of respite thrusted above the warm shrouded canopies, affording a 360 panorama of Myakka River State Park’s unending sea of verdure and the unending ether above. Boy, imagine the view of the cloudless, moonless night sky from up there.




Overall, the trip was enjoyable, apart from the aged 90’s wildlife exhibition room, which really needs a modern update.



2 thoughts on “The Myakka Jaunt

  1. I did not know Myakka was 37k acres big…that really shocks me haha. It is a shame about the weather, it was just hot and humid and also it was a shame that not much of the wildlife was evident.

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