What I Eat

After hearing about the issues surrounding our food supply and different trends that have been around about how to eat, I reflected on my own eating habits. I am the type of person that tries a different diet or health craze all the time, I would say that I have high ambition but low will power. In the ted talk we heard about how Trends are not the way to go and that the best rout is to just rest responsibly and what you want.

When I was a senior in High School I was a vegan for almost a month and I would say that was my most sever change to my diet. It was for a pop culture class in which we had to dive into a culture we were unfamiliar with.

when i started I had misconceptions about malnutrition but found that i could incorporate all my vitamins and nutrients that my body needed even on the restricted diet. Thats not to say that it wasn’t difficult and that i wanted to eat cake and steak and fried chicken (because I did). and in the end I did feel healthy and cleaner. The only down side is when you go back to a regular diet you feel terrible.

I’ve done other things including the Banana Diet (where you eat around 8 bananas a day with small amounts of other foods). Also cleanses, low carb, low fat and big pro tine diets.

All of he the things above have one result: Hangryness!

I realize now that the TED talk was correct in that the best way to eat is not to latch on to some fad because our body gets different nutrients from different foods, and while eating local con reduce your environmental impact it doesn’t make sense to reduce the variety we are so lucky to have access too. Today I try and eat clean but I still eat anything I want just in the correct proportions.

foood copy

This was yesterdays lunch! A summer spinach salad in a wrap with chicken and corn lobster chowder! healthy and yummy!


3 thoughts on “What I Eat

  1. I think it’s interesting that you’ve done such “food experimentation”. People all have their food preferences, routine meals and shopping lists – it’s what they know. So while becoming vegan might seem absolutely impossible (and admittedly, it seems that way to me), I’m sure after trying it, it would eventually become easy.

    But you make a good point: these “fads” led to hunger. As someone trying to recover from an eating disorder, I know from personal experience that food deprivation leads to decline in both physical and mental health. Yes, there are certainly things we should change about our eating habits to protect the planet. But those should never get in the way of protecting ourselves. I think it’s great what you said: you “try to eat clean but [still] eat anything [you] want, just in the correct proportions.” I think that as long as people make good, healthy food choices, but don’t deprive themselves – even cake, steak, and fried chicken are 100% fine if you’re smart about it! – then you can be good to both yourself and to the earth.


  2. Wow I am so jealous of your food! Looks so delicious and healthy! I was really interested in you school project. It made me think that it is a good way to scientifically disprove or prove certain urban myths such as the idea that a vegan diet is unhealthy. I may just try to do it someday.

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