Save The Bees

I just watched Vanishing of the Bees and before I watched it I didn’t really know that we were having this much of an issue with Honey Bees. I thought it was strange too that the first case of this was in Florida.

At the beginning of the video I was very confused, one minute they stated that they were finding no signs of death and then proceeding to ask how they kept dying. Later on you find out YES these bees are dying and they show shots of the dead bodies.

Something that I was arguing from the start is the fact that I was noticing that these beekeepers didnt have too much wildlife around their hives, there were no flowers or even trees to get nectar from (or at least none that I could see). Without nectar these bees are dying because that is their food source, and in monocultures there isn’t a variety for these bees. I was appalled when I saw we began feeding these bees sugar (I’m sure some farms still do this) sugar isn’t good for us, why in the world would it be good for them! Yes it may be keeping them alive but its not helping our plants or the balance of nature itself.

I didn’t think about the pesticides we spray on these monocultures (you’d think I would since we had just discussed this in class), but the scientists have come to the conclusion that we haven’t thought about the little bits of residue left in the plants adding up inside of these bees, and what they bring back to their hives, harming the bees as it adds up over a period of time. These pesticides aren’t good for us, or the crop itself; they are said to keep pests from ruining these plants, but some pests still eat these plants (some say more), actually.

My opinion on this matter is that we need to start bringing the gardens back, even if its not food, but flowers even! Our bees need a jungle that isn’t concrete, and if we are finding that these bees are getting sick from these pesticides over a period of time, how long before its us?!

Watching this video has encouraged me more to find organic farm’s buy from them to support the limiting use of pesticides, maybe one day eliminating them completely.


2 thoughts on “Save The Bees

  1. I thought you made an interesting point about how we are aware of the bees getting sick from pesticides, and that it won’t be long before humans begin to get sick from the pesticides around us. We as humans must become aware and take action against these harmful chemicals before it is too late.

  2. I think this issue is really serious problem, because bees are the one of most important kind to keep biodiversity of plants. If something like bee doesn’t go around to flower, we would not see much fruits from plants, One of the way how the flower became a fruit is that bees moving flower powders when they getting honey from different flowers.
    I also think that bee is not harmful unless you threaten their life or home. So, I think people should not be so aggressive to bees when they just saw them.
    Anyway I like what you think about this issue.

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