Myakka State Park

I went to Myakka State Park last week for field trip and I really enjoyed it. It was my first time to go there. It feels very far from here to go. I saw a big nature place as far as I go. It feels like a jungle to me. I was so interested when I went through the entrance of the park. But we lost in there and our phones were no signal. We tried to find people but we can’t. So, we decided to take some pictures that can show we were there and look around ourselves. We walked few minutes. Then, we found a lake and there was some information and quizzes of Alligator. When I was a freshman, I heard that we can see alligators easily in Florida. So, I was trying to find alligator everywhere that has water but I can’t. Then, finally, I saw an alligator. I was so excited. There was an alligator that not in a zoo. I never saw it before like this. I wanted to see it closely but it was scary to go. I started zoom my camera and take some photos of it. While I took some pictures, it moved slowly and kept coming close to me. It was so amazing experience. I think I spend such a great time in there even if we were not with classmates and I can’t forget that moment





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