Mayakka State Park


This was the first time that I’ve been to Mayakka. I was excited to go on this field trip because my friend mentioned I’d see alligators. When I actually saw one I couldn’t believe how many there were swimming in the water and resting on land. It was pretty scary however, I just imagined that any single one of those alligators could easily walk up the little hill and on to the path where people walk. It was also the first time that I has seen alligators in their own natural environment which also made the experience worthwhile. I knew when I first moved to Florida that there was a lot of nature, but I didn’t know to what extent. I was amazed to find out what other animals were roaming the state park. Of course there’s all different sorts of reptiles and amphibians, but I didn’t know and I really wish I could have seen an armadillo or a wild pig. I am hopping that next time I go I get to witness an armadillo rustling through the leaves and see a herd of wild pigs in the fields. I have never seen wild animals like that in the natural environment and I think I would go back to the park just to see them. I also couldn’t believe that there are panthers lurking through the woods. I wouldn’t know what to do if I saw one, but ‘m guessing that they mostly come out at night-time. Living right outside of D.C. I’m not use to experiencing having all these wild living things practically in my back yard. I would typically have to go to a zoo or something just to see animals like the one’s at Mayakka. After going on the field trip I think I’d like to know more about the wild life in Florida. I find it very fascinating why so many different living things enjoy living in this environment.


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