Park adventures nothing better than this

recently we went to mayaak state park and even though I wasn’t to down for traveling off campus with so much stuff to do. I enjoyed the day a lot more than I thought i was. I always enjoy going to wild life preserves and parks and seeing one like this was a nice change in pace. most of the parks i’ve been to are northern and very mountain-esc so seeing marsh lands and swamp areas is very interesting. it was a nice day to walk around the park as well.

Although I didn’t enjoy the fact we were in one large group instead of being allowed to enjoy the park on our own time. I was under the umbrella of thought that since we were a large group (not a very loud group but still a realatively good sized one) that might have been why we didn’t see very many animals that day. I know it was for the sake of making sure we were all on the same track but I’m hoping I can go back on my own time with a few friends and enjoy a bit more of a leasurely stroll.

My favorite was defiantly seeing the vultures and the alligator, as a fan of animals that aren’t super friendly or cuddly looking seeing these creatures with out the restrain of a fence inbetween was really nice. I also never noticed what a flat area florida. after living here for a full year I thought i would have caught on to that but seeing just the wind expanses of wide marsh land with very spread out landmarks. I know it might have been a passing statement but reaching out to the mayaaka state park to volenteer to redecorate their little exhibit hub and do something to make the place seem less dead, the little museum wasn’t…awful but it certainly wasn’t as exciting as it could be. I’m all for preserving the history of some places but when the place feel dead there might be a need for some kind of change


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