No Impact Man not very impactful…

I finally found the video No Impact man on the Internet and watched it. I was really interested in the video at first. Then as the documentary goes on I feel that doing this cause so many troubles for Colin and his wife. His wife can’t stand some of the changes and I noticed that many people in the USA addicted to those things. Like reality TV, Starbucks, shopping etc, she almost went crazy without those thing. So I don’t think his idea would work for everyone therefore it’s useless. After watching the documentary I do a research about his family after the documentary ended. They actually made a lot of exceptions against their goal. They still needs to consume things mentally like cinema, theater, they can’t stop watching TV completely. There are many things that became a part of their life and they can’t just let it go.
That’s why I think his idea was not very practical. I think, instead of cutting off everything so sudden. He should have mentally prepare his wife first, teach her the negatives effect she is causing by doing what she love. When she have the inspiration and motivation to help the environment it will be easier for her to execute the plan with him. Also help her not struggle and feeling miserable. He also jumped ahead of time too much. He could have waited and learn more about alternative way for his basic needs. Like natural shower, restroom , how to make toilet paper etc. These things will help they live off technology and more nature friendly. But I really like their idea I also have a plan of travel around the USA only live in my trailer and travel by an electric car. The Trailer would have solar panel,wind turbine (mini version) to collect electric city to use at night. I may make a blog while traveling, I can charge my camera laptop. phone by using those solar panel. I will fishing and hunting in area that allow. In some place that doesn’t allow or neither of those are available I will buy organic food and cook them myself.


One thought on “No Impact Man not very impactful…

  1. Yeah, I have to agree. Everything has been made easily accessible to us and the fact that people are born into it doesn’t help. I also agree on the fact that there could’ve been more preparation and determination to finish the goal.

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