Myakka State Park

I think I went Myakka State Park once, with my church members when I was in 11th grade. I don’t have good memory because I lost my favorite sunglasses there. First time when I heard we going field trip to Myakka State Park, I didn’t have any idea, where we going, and during on the way to park, I realized that is the park where I lost my favorite sunglasses.

It took like 45 minute to get there from Ringling, and inside of park we drive around there like 30 minutes to find our instructor and class, but we couldn’t find. So, what we decided is just explore Myakka State Park by ourselves as a small group. I hoped we could meet up with class during exploring. but instead of class we saw huge alligator.

I heard Florida has lots of alligators and we can see them easily in any lake around us. But I never saw them in this close.
In our small group, some of them went really close to alligators, to take better picture of it. I didn’t go with them because I thought it might be dangerous to get close to wild alligator.

15 - 7 15 - 1515 - 16

I took those pictures when they get close to alligator. I think they were lucky that alligator doesn’t care much about them.

And few minutes later, alligator start swim around and go into the water. then, it disappeared. During I watching what alligators doing, I remembered that alligators are walking inside of water. I could understand that because when I see it, it was so slow to swimming around, and it was also too quiet to swimming around. It’s movement inside of water should be something like walk to make it so slow and quiet.

even if our small group couldn’t join class, I think watching alligator right in front of us was really good experience. And when I have free time, I want to go Myakka State Park again and check the part we couldn’t go last time.


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