I have never been to Myakka before last week and I have to say I found it to be gorgeous. For the most part I like to think of myself as outdoorsy. I can’t stand being indoors for too long, I become uncomfortable and irritable very quickly. I go on multiple walks a day and I love going to the beach. In my hometown there are big beautiful mountains with many hiking trails this was at one point my favorite pastimes. I think what was so appealing to me about Myakka was the peace. It was very coming to walk around there. It was quiet, beautiful, and filled with shady relaxing spots.

While there, my group and I came across an alligator, which I had never seen in the wild before. I ran down to the shore to have a better look at him or her. It must have been no less then seven feet long and I was mere feet away from him or her it was exhilarating. The alligator didn’t even glance at us. I am sure after all the years, he or she is used to having humans gawk at it. It is truly amazing that this world is filled with such amazing creatures. The problem is, however, that we are destroying things like animals and beautiful natural wonders. This alligator could not care less about me and I feel like most people feel that way towards our world.

Myakka is a beautiful state park but it is only a state park because someone said it could not be touched; but what about the rest of our world? Ninety-five percent of our large fish breeds are gone, seventy-five percent of our forest are gone, and by 2050 two thirds of our polar bear population will be gone due to global warming.

Humans are a plague on our world, but we don’t have to be; we could be a cure by simply taking precautionary measures to see the survival of not only our own species but all others as well.



One thought on “Myakka

  1. I agree – it’s difficult being an illustrator who works mostly digitally, because I’m forced to stay cooped up indoors! I’m outdoorsy too. I constantly yearn to be in nature, so I felt very at peace at Myakka as well. My hometown is full of wooded areas, hiking paths, and hills, and I’ve felt so deprived of this by attending college in Florida. But traveling off campus to this beautiful state park was a wonderful experience, and completely unexpected. I honestly didn’t think Florida could be so breathtaking!

    Great point about preserving our world – Myakka is just a small fraction. I wish we could find a similar sense of “peace” whenever we stepped outside. No matter whether outside a cave, outside a country house, or outside a New York City skyscraper, it would be wonderful to always feel like one with nature. Regrettably with urbanization, we’ll never have this luxury. But I do think that visiting places like Myakka is so important for everyone. Even if you don’t live near a state park, it’s critical to escape urban areas and see the planet for what it really is. And if opportunities arise for travel, people should take them. Traveling to the northern tundra, for example, would place beauty right in front of people’s eyes. It might encourage them to become more active in the efforts to decrease the effects of global warming.


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