Today we were asked to write about our diets, so here I am telling you about my poor poor diet. It consists of hamburger helper, spaghetti, and fast foods. Cheese, breads, and a whole lot of meat. We watched a ted talk in class that was very disturbing to a piece of me which wishes I had better knowledge of a better diet, and offensive to the piece of me that knows I don’t have the motivation and the money to fix it.

Growing up my mother cooked kind of like the man in the video spoke about his mother, canned foods put together to make a meal. Though I don’t blame my mother she was an orphan most of her life and didn’t get the knowledge of food that she could have so we had a lot of microwavable dinners as well as box dinners. My favorite thing that she cooks (still not from scratch but she adds other things into the sauce) would be alfredo. I am still living with my mom so I am not confined to the hammond commons diet, but it is still not too much better (but it tastes a whole lot better).

I consider myself a “good food” person as well, like the guys specified, but I think he has a different idea of “good” than I do. When I think of good food I think of tacos and ice cream, probably like most people do. When he thinks of good food he things of good for the body food. Honestly, I wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to making meals out of plants. I really really wish I did. Though to make my diet better I would have to start doing a lot of research on where local markets are for plants, and even more research on what to make with them besides salads. I’d also have to start grocery shopping with my mom to try to find healthier choices, but thats the biggest challenge of them all: trying to get my mom to spend more money on better food. We do not have very much money, I am lucky to be going here for school. Its hard to afford a healthy diet. I dont know if i could ever go vegetarian, but adding more variety is a possibility that I would like to look into.


One thought on “MY DIET

  1. I agree about your point stating that it is hard to afford a healthy diet. I have also thought about becoming vegetarian before, but with lack of convenience and higher prices combined, it sometimes seems like it isn’t possible. Especially when we are attending school where most of our time is taken up by working on projects, the day can get away from you sometimes, and it is hard to keep track of what types of food you are eating.

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