Impact or Not?

No Impact Man. Well what can I say? It really had no impact on Colin Beavan and his family. At most I feel that the family is more aware of what going “green” entails/means.

Let’s be realistic here. We are humans and we are capable of adapting, the thousands of years of evolution speaks for that but in modern day and age I feel like we are losing that “touch” or “part” of humanity, slowly but surely. We’ve grown too fond of what we have been born into i.e. technology, fast food, 24hour stores, air condition and so on.

I recently read a report on sleep habits and how most people of certain ages get about 5 – 8 hours of sleep, on a good night. A researcher took it upon himself to live in a cave for a month or two (may have been longer I don’t recall). In there he had a very dim light, enough food and water to last, and a cellphone/satellite phone. The goal was to let the biological clock take over and to see what the body does when there isn’t anyone around, or any technology. They gathered data by marking down the times he called before he went to sleep and after he woke up. The researcher himself didn’t have a clock or anything and had to just go off what his body told him to do. In the end, he didn’t know when day was and when night was. At the end of this all, the studies showed that the man had 36 hour cycles, in which he slept nearly half of that and did other activities for the rest of the time. (Or sleep 18 hours and awake 36 hours)

Having said all of this, I just wanted to make a point. It’s not impossible to go green. Obviously dedication and serious planning is involved. The reason the Beavan family went back to their old ways was because it was imbalanced. The husband was completely dedicated but the wife had to have exceptions. At times, the whole family had exceptions (the longer the months progressed).


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