No Impact Man: No impact the Earth or anyone else


This blog post is solely opinion based
In Biodiversity class, we watched the movie No Impact Man. Before we watched the movie, the professor explained a bit about it, how a man (Colin Beavan) took a challenge to not impact the earth negatively by getting rid of habits and materials in his life that negatively affects the Earth. The idea sounded great, except that this man went a little too extreme on it. One argument that stuck with me was one of his first statements in the film. To paraphrase it he said that we are cutting down too many trees and we need air to breath (some cuss words here and there). He became slightly less credible because of this one dimensional and simple minded statement. The problem isn’t the cutting of the trees, it’s whether or not people are re-planting these trees or whether there are programs to replenish certain natural resources.

No impact man seemed “forced” and staged, to say the least. Presenting people with a very different alternative way to live is too much to swallow. What if someone has a job that requires long travel? I cannot think of any other jobs that would prevent someone from going this extreme but I am sure there are plenty (If you know one, comment below). No impact man, would impact more people if they showed small steps on how someone could help the Earth regardless of their schedule and way of life. They should address certain habits and introduce new habits for people to consider but not be so extreme that alienates people from accepting a more “green” way of life. Also, everyone’s life is different, some of us can’t stop doing certain things because they are essential for money making such as a specific job or something that is required for the family to live.

Walking to class the other day, I noticed on the ground a six pack plastic holder. I took the initiative to pick it up and throw it in the trash. I think the world would go around if every single person would take their time to do these menial things and together impacting the Earth for the good.

I think Mr. Beavan wasn’t very successful in impacting the world in the long run, because he is not getting bigger companies and government agencies to support the cause. He is passively doing his part, which to me will never do anything. Yes I believe in the power of the individual but only if they fight the system effectively (and peacefully of course), and get others to join them.


One thought on “No Impact Man: No impact the Earth or anyone else

  1. I really enjoy the fact that you are questioning everything about this “documentary” lets just say. While I was watching I felt the same way, almost as if I really really wanted to believe this is a thing. But all I could keep wondering is, what are these people doing today?

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