Myakka State Park trip


Picture taken on site in Myakka Park

I very much enjoyed going to Myakka State Park. The more I grow older the more I like the outside world and its beauty. I really enjoyed getting to look at the typical Florida Biome and get a glimpse of what life must be like for the “common folk” who is not going through college trying to meet deadlines and running on caffeine. It certainly was a relaxing time and I felt recharged to face these last two weeks of Junior Year. I was sad that I did not have the chance to see an armadillo. I don’t think I have ever seen one in real life. Too bad they weren’t there. But I did enjoy seeing alligators in their natural habitat and not behind bars such as in zoos. I also really liked knowing a bit more about flood seasons and how certain parts of the park that are now grassy will soon be full of water!



One thought on “Myakka State Park trip

  1. I have to agree and would say that the park is a great change in pace. Growing older has opened my eyes to the beauty of nature. I can take the casual “walk through the park” for granted, as these won’t be here anymore eventually.

    P.S. Armadillos are cute.

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