Up in The Trees

I have been to Mayakka about 3 times since i have been in Sarasota. Twice as part of a class where we did landscape painting. I have been through most of the park but this was my first time on the Canopy walk. I have been on one before in the Udzungwa rain forest in Northern Tanzania, but no where near as big, and after some research i realized that the one in Mayakka was tiny compared to some of the ones i found  on a top 10 canopy walks in the world web page.



It was interesting to see how some of these different ones are constructed as in some countries such as Peru and Ghana it is built from much more natural materials such as wood and rope vs the ones in bigger countries such as Australia and German which are constructed much sturdier and more safe.  I loved being above the trees and being able to look over the entire park and see areas that are blooming with radiant colors such as purples and reds in the trees and we even got to see some deer in the opening, i honestly was reminded of the grasslands in Tanzania, and it shows that with preservation and care the environment and ecosystems can flourish.  SAMSUNG


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