I think action is a great step and especially documenting it but I feel that maybe people thought they weren’t genuinely caring for these issues because of there “status” a very egotistical view point especially from so called activist who felt that because of there 5th avenue co-op apartment and his wife’s propaganda business magazine job. I can see where they felt that they were contradicting themselves. But in my opinion it seemed like these people really had no idea what was happening out side of what they see day to day the hustle and bustle of New york City. Where money and business run the world. Maybe if he was a bit more informed and already living a similar lifestyle people wouldn’t have been so pissed,Yet I genuinely respect there effort on sticking to the term “think globally act locally” many of us get so overwhelmed yet baby steps can make a significant difference. I’m not sure about not using toilet paper, but I thought the compost was a great solution to the trash issues something I wouldn’t mind trying myself. I was blown away on the amount of trash such little worms could go through a day (does that need to be housed inside or can you place the bin outside?)

Another observation was that it made their relationship as a family better many people forget what its like to have conversations of things deeper then the reality TV shows. At the end of their journey it seemed like they got nothing but a great experience and much needed knowledge I’m glad to see this large movement still taking place today.


2 thoughts on “NO IMPACT FAM

  1. I agree that the movie was very informative towards acting environmentally conscious in a sprawling urban life. Whether the family did the experiment for self gratification or not wasn’t important, because the experiences and knowledge they have gain was certainly beneficial. I’m not so sure if I would go towards the extremities such as not using toilet paper, yet the trash digestive system through the use of worms was ingenious. At the end of the day, it was certainly insightful towards seeing how people can take steps towards improving their carbon footprint, and is a stepping stone into getting people into innovating to be more environmentally conscious.

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