Field Trip

I thought our field trip to Myakka state park was enjoyable, albeit a bit confusing initially. I only say this due to the fact that we were never able to find our group from school, there for being forced to wander the wilderness in our own smaller groups.


While walking around the particular trail we chose to explore, I noticed many signs of obvious wild life and wild animals. Most prominently were the numerous alligators we viewed in the water surrounding the trail on which we were walking. What I found interesting was that although many of the alligators kept their distance from us when we came close, one came extremely close, and did not seem to be frightened that we were within such a close proximity. It was as if this particular alligator was used to the presence of humans at such a close range. Myakka state park was founded in 1942, giving it a lifetime of 73 years. This raises the question, even though this park was created to preserve wildlife and protect animals that could possibly become endangered, have we as humans encroached too far into a habitat in which we most definitely do not belong? This is concerning to me, for it has been made clear since I was a child that the alligators found in the wild were vicious and deadly creatures, and were not to be trifled with when dealing with them at a close distance. It is concerning that it is possible that some one may mistake an alligator found in the wild to be harmless, and might the chance of getting too close to it believing that it will not protect itself or it’s territory. We must remain steadfast in educating todays youth, and remember that even when a wild animal is viewed in a protected environment, it is still a wild animal.


One thought on “Field Trip

  1. As a person that was in your small group, I agree that we need to educate the current youth society into experiencing the ecosystem. Getting so close towards the alligators was certainly an unnerving experience but one that was valuable. In the modern society, people tend to get disconnected with our natural ecosystem, hence understanding but not sympathizing with how intricate each species play in the natural habitat. State parks has been an invaluable asset into educating people into experiencing mother nature up close and personal.

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