Relationships and the Environment…and a little personal reflection

imgresNo Impact Man was a very impactive documentary.

Instead of talking about things that I or my classmates could do to help the ecosystem and what not I was to discuss the affects of the couple’s relationship throughout the project.

I found it interesting to see the difference in people’s attitudes towards the project, especially that of the wife. Coming from a very rural community I am used to people being very aware of the land and frugal I was appalled to watch as the wife showed us her tab for shoes she purchased before the project began as well as her reluctance to start the project in the first place. At the beginning of the documentary she was very reluctant to go “all in” to this experiment, complaining after only a few weeks that she wanted to go out and get an iced coffee for her “health”. It honestly infuriated me. I am a loyal person and if someone close to me wanted to do something like this and I agreed to be apart of it, I wouldn’t complain and ditch because of caffeine deficiency. Honestly, if you are unable to work without consuming two to three cups of coffee in like on sitting you have a problem.

Anyways, back to the topic. The husband, after being whined at about coffee deficiency, argued that he cooked, cleaned, and bought the food for her and she was not contributing anything to the project at that point but negative energy. As the documentary progressed, the wife began to go along with some of the ideas with a little more optimism like when her and the family went to the famers market, the creation of the compost pile, and even riding her scooter to work rather than taking a taxi. It got to a point where everything was going smoothly and became normal until the wife started talking about having a second child. Then the husband got defensive and brought up the fact that she was not contributing to the project so because she wasn’t giving him what he wanted, he wasn’t about to give her what she wanted. This infuriated me. Rather than going off on another rant though i’ll just continue. I am happy to say that the end of the documentary proved that the project opened the wife’s eyes to the possibilities of not impacting the world as well as the problems that are produced by living such a wasteful life.

Leading that into this point. My dad has always been a very wasteful person and I realized this year how that impacted me and that I followed his lifestyle in being incredibly materialistic. This year has been very eye opening to the fact that I can live a very happy and fulfilling life without having all of these THINGS around me. You do not need the newest and shiniest thing on the market to make you happy, which is exactly the opposite of what my dad taught my brother and I as kids. I currently have several bags of clothes and other objects to donate and sell. The documentary also inspired me to possibly start my own compost pile and garden next year since I will be off campus and have a backyard.

All together I think I enjoyed this video more than anything else we have watched this semester and it was incredibly inspiring.


One thought on “Relationships and the Environment…and a little personal reflection

  1. I was also annoyed when the wife portrayed a negative attitude towards the project when they first started. I also thought it was a bit irritating when she showed the viewers how much she would spend on shoes, and then complained that she wouldn’t be able to function without caffeine. I could understand a complaint about possibly not receiving enough nutrients or something, but the things she mentioned are luxuries and not entirely necessary for functioning on a daily basis.

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