No Impact Man Response

Perri Specter


No Impact Man Response

New NIM Poster

The title of the documentary, “No Impact Man” is a little bit of an oxymoron. It brought some very considerably interesting ideas to those who are interested in making a large impact to increase Earth’s stability and environmental cleanliness. This being said, I am surprised as to how well Colin Beavan and his family took to this project (especially his wife). It certainly isn’t easy to throw away our “essentials” because we, for the most part, live such comfortable lives with what items we buy and deteriorate the planet with. I think that these ideas brought forward by Beavan were captivating; yet unrealistic. I really like his compassion and spark for the topic of conservation and trash reduction; however, I feel like it’s safe for me to say that most people that watch this are not going to take much action. The sad truth is, that kind of change is too hard and too much of an effort for people to adapt and conspire to. When it comes time for us in the future to cut down drastically because of too much pollution or whatever it may be, that is when everyone will cut down. It was very smart for Beaven to confront a congressman in New York to speak with, because these kinds of drastic economic decisions are being made within the government, and will be made when the time comes to cut down. For now, some people that watch this documentary will make these kinds of attempts that No Impact Man and his family have made, and/or most will watch this documentary and just think he’s a great man for doing so.


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