No Impact Man

This documentary was interesting to watch as it takes a whole new perspective on having no impact on climate change. Colin and Michelle a couple living in New York City took on a one year challenge to make no impact on the environment this meant living a little more uncomfortably such as giving up all plastic, cans, disposable products such as cloth diapers for their infant vs disposable diapers. Michelle had a harder time giving up some of her bigger vices such as Tv, and coffee, which got me thinking at how much todays society is really hooked on caffeine and not just coffee but commercialized coffee such as Starbucks where the coffee is so filled with sugar, milk and syrups that it becomes much worse for you. Coffee already stunts growth and has some negative affects on the body. Caffeine in general has negative effects that can lead to health issues in the long run, and yet is highly addictive, i personally live a caffeine free life, i drink it on rare occasion but i do not consume soda, coffee, even certain types of chocolates.

Collin lives in the heart of New York city which is filled with elevators, huge buildings, subways, cars and thousands of other commodities which have a substantial impact on the environment, this however makes it much more difficult to have no impact on the environment when there is temptation around you at all times, in every place. Collin and Michelle also have an infant child, so this creates another challenge all together, however it really is inspirational that even with all the challenges, the family still managed to do it, and live environmentally clean with no impact. People become so comfortable here with the fact that everything they want can be done for them, for example you can have groceries delivered to your home, food, clothes, electronics, anything you want, without having to move an inch. This is a huge problem with commercialism today, and the fact that everything is about comfort and convenience, rather than achievement and trying to get out there and make something or do something for yourselves. There were a huge amount of benefits that came from this campaign not just physically, but socially as the family grows closer and they spend more time doing activities rather than sitting at home watching tv for example.

This is something that hits close to home as in Tanzania we go weeks without running water and electricity, or it is rationed in 12 hour increments

Tanzania Local food, no oven wood fire meals.

Tanzania Local food, no oven wood fire meals.

fresh fruit stand Tanzania

Fresh fruit stand Tanzania

to the districts, yet people are more social, they gather outside at local bars and restaurants which grill food outside and drink and eat with the community.


One thought on “No Impact Man

  1. This was a very insightful read. I agree that there is a huge temptation towards using the modern conveniences of technology such as elevators and transportation.

    Your experiences in Tanzania was really interesting example to show how technology may adversely affect us humans from socializing. Coming from a city background, people in Hong Kong certainly seem to be less sociable and more interested with what’s going on on their phones. Even when they’re eating with their family or friends, which I find quite disrespectful. It is quite a shame as our local culture seems to be dwindling into a more international but yet what I believe to be a monetized society.

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