No Impact Man


One thing I found interesting about the documentary No Impact Man was the amount of hate this family was receiving for doing what seems like a great thing for society. I could never imagine doing what this family did, but I give them all the props in the world. I think what this family did was truly great and inspiring. I hope that the impact after watching the film would make people think and possibly change their living conditions to become more eco-friendly. I for one would love to grow my own garden and shop local and fresh all the time. I would also be very interested in visiting the local farms to see how they treat the animals, because I think the first farmer in the movie made a great point and organic versus non organic products. I just don’t understand why the hate, the judgement and overall lack of respect to this family. They challenged themselves to inspire others, no matter if it was intended for his next book or not the subject matter bring upon a positive message to society. I know for a lot of families this way of living seems completely un realistic even for me I admit, but even the little steps towards becoming eco-friendly can make a huge impact on the environment. I’m shore after the release of this documentary many people made life changes. As for the other people whom are against what this family was doing I have no clue. To bring up the fact that this family lacked in hygiene was just frustrating to me. It bothered me how negative people would pin point out false accusations about this family when in reality they were able to do everything they sought out to do, it was just more of a natural and organic way of living which is rare to find in a city environment, but even more inspiring, because to me a city like New York with so many people and temptations surrounding everything they intended to do had to be a huge challenge in itself. I applaud this family and I can only hope to learn and develop skills in becoming more environmentally friendly in the near future.


One thought on “No Impact Man

  1. I couldn’t believe how much hatred was spawned from someone just trying to do good as well. The beginning of the documentary starts out with the interviewer bashing the family and their project for goodness sakes. It bothered me how pessemistic people were because it’s like if people don’t wake up and see that the world will deteriorate at some point due to the waste and chemicals and what not then only bad things will happen. Bad things like more pollution etc. I personally was inspired by this documentary and I hope others were as well. More people should see this documentary to see what could become of the planet if everyone would imitate the actions of these activists who understand what will happen if we don’t change

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