No Impact Man

I honestly didn’t enjoy the video.

I feel that it is good for us as humans to take care of our environment, but not to the point where we try to “save it” but we are not happy in the process.

The reason of why I am saying this is because in the video we can see that the wife is not very convinced about the process, her body language and her face expression showed that she wasn’t happy about it. She was supporting her husband but I don’t think she was enjoying the process.

I know that as a scientist, you need to try your hypothesis and experiments but I feel that he went too far… not buying toilet paper for example or buying worms for the trash I don’t think is necessary.

I agree with him, that we need to take care of our city and world, but we need to do it in a way where we are happy and living the period of time we are now.

But thats my opinion and I his 🙂




One thought on “No Impact Man

  1. Honestly you have the most unique outlook on this documentary that i have read so far, i like that you were up front and the fact is he did take it to a whole level of extreme that was not necessary. The worms i agree were too much but i can see how not buying toilet paper would make a significant difference but only on a mass scale not just one family, the paper is still there for sale, it will still be used, it is already produced. I think these extremes were mostly to dramatize the documentary rather than what was necessary for environmental preservation.

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