I enjoyed watching the documentary no impact man outside of class on my own time, but simultaneously found a few parts of the film bothersome in a certain sense. I liked the film in the sense that it brought awareness to a global issue that was previously not being addressed in proper manner, and brought it to the general attention of the public through news broadcasts and radio shows. I believe it is a positive thing that this issue was brought to the attention of those in power as well, such as political figures who continuously would deny the facts presented in the documentary. However, in addition to these points that I enjoyed, there were also points of the documentary I did not enjoy. For instance, all of the internet comments about the main protagonist in the film were volatile and in some cases, unnecessary. I recall multiple instances of online critics proclaiming the entire film and book as a publicity stunt to gain fame and money, and in some cases, critics would verbally assault the protagonist. I found this some what offensive, even as a viewer, due to the fact that the protagonists wife and child were also dragged into the insulting barrage of inappropriate comments posted by anonymous viewers. I thought this was extremely disrespectful and vulgar. It seemed that if an individual felt threatened by something the protagonist was talking about or doing, they lashed out in protest against it, feeling as though their lifestyle or moral code was in danger because of it. Even if your life style choices and morals come in to question, that is no reason to attack another human being on a personal level, just to make ones self feel better about themselves. One must realize that even if someone does something or lives a particular lifestyle that you do not agree with, it does not call for any form of verbal assault.


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  1. Yeah, I thought that the viewers’ negativity towards the project was strange as well. My guess is that a lot of people felt like Colin and his family were criticizing their lifestyles by trying to live differently, and his adamancy to get rid of material items probably scared and offended a lot of people. Which is a pretty close-minded attitude, but people like the things that make them comfortable, and they’ll get defensive when someone tries to tell them to get rid of those things.

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