Blackfish was really interesting to re-watch as it got me thinking more and more about corporate cover ups not just in the media but internally too. This documentary showed sections of several violent attacks by Tilly the male whale as well as many other whales that were much more violent in captivity yet they were still breaded and trained internally and continuously handled by humans that are taught to deprive the animals of food and punish them for not doing tricks. This was such a shock, i have never personally been to sea world so i did not have an idea of what the show they do actually was, but this was different than what was publicly known in the media about the treatment of animals at these institutions prior to the films coming out on this subject.

I was surprised at the fact that they didn’t notify other trainers and show them videos of these violent interactions, because this would give these trainers an idea of what could potentially happen to them. In reality these animals are wild and should not be kept in captivity simply for the sake of shows and breading because i believe that animals this wild should be able to live in their natural habitat, these are huge creatures that are put in 20ft by 30ft tanks of water. There were several trainers killed by these orca’s and many injured, this should be a sign that they are unhappy in captivity and should be back in the wild. Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 1.02.17 PM


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