Global Warming

I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion on the topic of global warming that we had last Thursday. Many different areas of the subject were addressed, including the fact that many people, including congressmen, have been ignoring the scientific fact of global warming. I find it unbelievable that some individuals can claim ignorance when viewing solid facts and data that support a certain area of concern. One individual in the class suggested that these congressmen and political figures were only saying and believing the false statements they were relating because they were believing the influence of the companies and funding sources that made their careers possible in the first place. One must wonder, that if these politicians are saying these obviously false statements to protect the stability of the companies that fund their campaigns, they must know that the words they are speaking are not truthful. To think that human greed for profit and money could over power the necessity to help in the preservation of the earth and it’s well being is astounding. Essentially to these politicians, money and personal gain is far more important than the deterioration of the earth and the nature found upon it.

One can essentially trace global warming back to the companies attempting to turn a profit in any way possible, even if it means using chemicals or harmful procedures that can threaten, harm, and eventually destroy the environment. It is astonishing to me that these big name companies can turn a blind eye and ignore the impending doom that awaits the earth in the future. In addition, they attempt to cast blame elsewhere, rather than actually holding them selves accountable for the blatant environmental destruction they are causing. It is obviously due to the excessive use of harmful chemicals and methods that have come into practice in the last century, for there has been a noticeable spike in the harmful effects that are cause by global warming in the last century. If these large companies do not take responsibility for their actions and chose a more environmentally safe option to make their profit, the world as we know it will soon be gone.


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