What animals are going extinct due to climate change?

Climate change is a natural process of the world (notice the Ice age thousands of years ago when there was no industrial revolution). Green house gases are indeed a cause of Global warming and humans do play a role in it. But instead of focusing on climate change in terms of human fault, I decided to just research what kind of animals are being impacted to potential extinction by 2015 due to some warmer temperatures.

I came across the Nature Conservancy website (http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/urgentissues/global-warming-climate-change/threats-impacts/wildlife-at-risk.xml) and saw that maybe 1/4 of the Earth’s Species will be headed for extinction by 2050. And they named a few species that are mainly being affected by climate change:

-Sources say that the Golden Toad in Central America in 1999 was the first documented species that went extinct by climate change

-Polar Bears may go out in 100 years

-Coral bleaching due to algae death, which causes death of corals as well as death of fish

-An interesting yet sad idea is that State Birds from the US can go extinct due to the new heat such as the Baltimore, the black-capped chickadee, and the Goldfinch.

The Golden Toad

picture from:upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5b/Bufo_periglenes2.jpg



3 thoughts on “What animals are going extinct due to climate change?

  1. This was a cool way to approach the climate change blog post, some of these animals on the list i haven’t even heard of but it doesn’t change the fact that global warming is killing thousands of species, and many animals such as reptiles and insects will increase in population as the heat is something they need to survive. Using the Ice Age as an example was an interesting way to tie the whole thing together without focusing on industrialization.

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