The Cove


I recently watched the documentary film The Cove and just like The movie Blackfish I was in complete shock. It’s unfortunate how much the public eye is blind to in this society. I for one without the knowledge of these documentary films and news related recourses would still believe the world is an okay place, when in reality the world is in some aspects scary. A lot of the truth in this world is hidden from society, and it makes you wonder what are the true happening going on around the world. In the movie the Cove they spoke of a small town in Japan called Taiji. You would think this beautiful town was actually what it is advertised to be, but in reality this town had a huge secret lurking behind stone walls, closed off to the public. A town that was thought to be known as a sanctuary and love for dolphins and whales really turned out to be these animals worst nightmare. The town of Taiji was hiding the fact that they were slaughtering thousands of Dolphins everyday. Why were they doing this inhumane task, because the government was behind it, telling these men to kill the dolphins so they can use the meat in grocery stores in Japan. The issue besides the killing was people were purchasing whale and seafood products that were actually Dolphin meat. Wait theres more… Japan did this because they worry about the overfishing that could cause the country to no longer have access to seafood, but lurking in there waters is something much more serious causing issues to there people. Turns out that the Dolphins they have been slaughtering have high levels of mercury in them which is dangerous for people to be consuming. They sell these products to young children at school and mothers with child and as a result the mercury poisoning causes deformities and or mental disabilities in humans. You would think the people living in Japan would know of this seriousness, but come to find out the Japanese people have no knowledge of these happenings. It’s truly amazing how much authority and power can cover up and keep hidden from the people, but nothing remains secret forever. I’m happy that I am now made aware of these horrible situations going on in the world and I hope I can make people aware of situations like this and of Blackfish.



3 thoughts on “The Cove

  1. Oh gosh, this is really scary, I have never seen these documentaries but jeez!! We could be fed something like this at any point and be too gullible to notice anything. and THAT is a scary thought.

  2. I like your post and the picture is so strong. This documentary was so interesting. I did not know that people eat dolphin meat before. I heard just about whale meat.

  3. Both of these documentaries are pretty frightening not in just the concept of an animal like whales are being treated in this manner but just that we call our selves a progressive modern society and yet we haven’t gotten over the arcane process of treating supposidly “lesser animals” this way.

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