Slowing and hopefully stop global warming


There is no denying that climate change and global warming is serious problem that we are facing right now. The ice cap is melting the winter gets colder the summer gets hotter and also longer. We are losing thousands square feet of forest every year. Yet it seems like the majority of mankind having something more important than climate change. We are too busy anticipating conflicts around the world. We are too busy making money that’s not even real to paying for thing that destroying earth when it was making. What we should invest money and resources in is advancing technology that pushing mankind’s life standard and civilization to a new height. Also, Earth is our only known habitable planet which means if we destroyed this planet we have nowhere to go and extinction is a matter of time. Why are we not trying to survive but thrilling to killing ourself. We value money so much that we overlooked the important of protecting environment. Money won’t be able to sustain this planet, we have to do something else. Try to find ways to product products that are friendly to the environment in a friendly way. Try to improve the technology to help production while still being clean. It’s not that hard we already had electric car, solar panel, solar road ( yes we already paved road with solar panel), wind turbine. We should reduce the use of oil and figure out the clean way to supply human with energy. Like, replace all the road on earth and making new road with solar panel to produce electricity for the region that the road in. Instead of making electric dam and destroying the ecosystem of rivers we can produce electricity by building electric storage like battery with high capacity. For now the popular capacity of battery is still low but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve it,we could if we invest in it. And we can use skyscraper to gather electricity from lightning and store in those battery. One strike of lightning can produce more than a year of electric city for London, researchers said. Why don’t we invest in a technology to utilizer the nature resource? We are having such amazing gift on this planet and we don’t even care about using it to make our life better


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